I’m a very clean guy. I like to keep my things organized and I don’t like extra clutter. My house is as minimalistic as can be. Why am I describing my house? Well, I want to let you know that it doesn’t matter how clean and clutter free you are – cockroaches can still invade your home!


It was a sunny Saturday day. And I went to place our newborn in the living room. I put him in his rocker and all of a sudden… I see a big, brown thing fall from the ceiling a mere 1 inch from my baby and me. As I look to see what had just fallen, I notice a HUGE cockroach! This monster of an insect starts to run, and boy was he fast.

I was terrified. I’m a grown man, and I yelled for my wife to come help me for back-up. I yelled so loud she thought I had dropped the baby. But she quickly saw what I was screaming about. She gasped when she saw this giant cockroach. This roach was so big, that we couldn’t kill it with our shoes or else all the cockroach guts would surely splatter everywhere. We happened to have a can of raid, and we sprayed the whole living room and chased the roach until we finally went though half the spray can and gave him his own pool of raid.

We were scared.

And I knew the saying, “where there is one roach, there are plenty.”

And sure enough, that saying was right. Because a few days later, I saw over 20 cockroaches running around in our bathroom and bathtub. And this was during the day! Just so you know, roaches are nocturnal creatures, so usually when you see them during the day, that means their nest is so big that several of them are pushed out and brought to daylight!

Cockroach Research


So before this incident, I had already begun researching, but I really cranked my research into high gear when I began to see these roaches multiply like crazy. I was going to figure out how to get rid of these roaches! It’s funny that i’m even making this websites, because I am scared to death of roaches. I was so scared, that we slept with the lights on so that we could see if there were any on the floor. But that’s exactly why i’m doing this. I want to help others who are trying to figure out what to do. I spent countless of hours doing research and each site had so many different ways of dealing with  roaches. It was overwhelming. Do I use roach gel? Do I use roach motels? Boric Acid maybe? Am I supposed to fumigate? Do I use a natural roach killer? The list went on and on. To start with, I ended up buying some roach motels, some roach spray and even a home barrier pest control product from Home Depot. It didn’t work. Roaches still were coming to live with us.


So seeing that I couldn’t kill these roaches on my own, I decided to start researching pest control companies in my area. I remember calling one company and I knew the person that answered was reading a scripted message. She told me that my house probably had thousands of roaches and was already telling me that I would need quarterly treatment. It was a really hard sell, and that actually turned me off. However, had I not called other pest control companies, I probably would have gone them. I ended up calling around 5 pest control companies. I finally ended up hiring one pest control professional, and he came immediately. This company had the cheapest price. It cost me $125.  He looked around the house and the attic. He then looked in the bathtub and bathroom. He ended up putting Boric Acid in the tub, and then sprayed the bathroom with a product called MASTERLINE. The product has an ingredient called Bifenthrin. He also sprayed the outside of the house with the same product. We were relieved. Finally, our home belonged to us.
Pest Control Receipt 1

Receipt from Pest Control Company 1

This is the receipt of the first control company I hired. $125.
Pest Control Receipt 2

Receipt from Pest Control Company 2

This is the second pest control company I hired. $225.


A month went by, and all of a sudden, our tub had more cockroaches! Our kitchen had roaches. I seriously couldn’t believe it. Even the boric acid and that MASTERLINE spray couldn’t stop these roaches from coming back. So I decided to not be a cheapskate, and I called a pest control company that was on the pricier side, but wasn’t part of a huge company. I wanted more of a mom and pop store that really cared about their customers. They cost me $225. So the pest control man came to my house. And he was fantastic. He really loved his job. He walked me through my entire home and told me EXACTLY what I needed to do. There were some prevention tips he gave me, which you can click here and read about. Basically, there were some leaks and some cracks that I had to be fixed.


  He went to his truck, put on his back pack which had his roach killing chemicals and he started spraying the baseboards and corners of the home. Then he went outside, sprayed the same chemical to act as barrier to keep roaches and other insects out of the house. Also, we have a crawl space, and he threw granules of roach bait since he couldn’t get all the way down there with his spray.


It took him about 45 min to 1 hour to do this. And I asked him questions the entire time. He told me that pest control professionals have to regularly attend classes to understand the new chemicals coming out in the market. Which is another reason they need to be licensed, because getting rid of roaches is different than getting rid of bees or rats. They have to know what exactly to use for each type of pest. I also asked him why the other pest control company couldn’t get rid of my roaches. He asked me to show him the receipt. I did. Every time a pest control company gives you a receipt, they must disclose what kind of chemical they are using. When he read what they used, he said that his company uses a more powerful product, which is the reason they charge more. He also said that maybe the other company diluted the product with more water, that’s how they save money. He said a lot of pest control companies do this. He knows what he’s using is the best product. And if he’s using it, then for sure I was going to use it. I have not seen a roach since then. Find out what he used and what I bought to get rid of these nasty roaches.