The best way to get rid of cockroaches is preventing them. This is just as important as killing them. If you already have roaches in your home, learn how I got rid of them after trying so many other products that just didn’t work. I used the exact same insecticide the pest control companies use.

Roach Bag

Before, during and after cockroach treatment, your goal is to try and make it as unappealing as possible for them to be in your home. You want them to skip your house, and go to your neighbors instead! In order to do this, you have to understand what roaches need to survive. It boils down to three key factors:

1) Water

2) Food

3) Warm shelter.

You get rid of all three and you get rid of the roaches.

Below are prevention tips that will help you get rid of roaches. Sign up for my newsletter to receive more cockroach prevention tips.

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Car

You’ve been so focused on getting rid of roaches in your house, that the idea of cockroaches being inside your car has not even crossed your mind. So what if you find them in your vehicle? I’ll give you a few tips on how to get rid of roaches in your car.   I have some seriously bad luck with roaches. I’m a clean guy, but for some reason, every house I move into, I always am dealing with getting rid of them. That’s what lead me to do all the research in studying them and killing them. If you haven’t read my story, make sure you read it here so you can see what I had to deal with.   Once I had eliminated all these roaches from my home, a very scary thing happened to me.   I was driving home from work. I parked in my usual spot outside. Typically, I put my jacket in the back seat of my car. As I went to pick up my jacket, I saw a cockroach sitting right there!   There was a roach in the back seat of my car hiding under my jacket!   It was an outdoor cockroach, an oriental roach. I’m still till this day terrified of them, but I knew I had to kill it and get it out of my car. I ended up killing it with a piece of cardboard.   How did this roach get into my car? So the first thing you need to know – is that it’s completely possible for roaches to be in your car. If you... read more

Get Rid of Roaches by Covering Your Bath Drains

So even if you caulk your bathroom floors and tub or showers, there is a chance that roaches are hanging out in the drains. Think about it as there own little freeway. It has things that they like. There is water and it’s dark in there. If you notice roaches in your bathroom, and you indeed already caulked the whole area, then you need to get rid of roaches by covering your bath drains.   HOW TO KEEP COCKROACHES FROM COMING UP THE DRAIN When my home was being invaded by roaches, we definitely had roaches coming from the bathroom drains and pipes! I had a pest control professional come out, and he looked at my drain covers. I had those metal covers, and he said that those holes were too big – that the roaches can come up through those. Once he told me this, I needed to find drain covers that would fit all the different holes in my bathrooms. And I ended finding one that was perfect. It was cheap, and it could easily come off when it got too dirty. This is the one I ended up buying: Click here to read reviews and see price on Amazon   So I got rid of all the drain covers I had and just used this plastic one. The good thing about this, is that it also protects my drains from my wife’s hair! I remember our drains would get clogged up, but this little life saver is great. Also, when it gets too dirty, since they are so cheap I just replace them.   FINAL THOUGHTS... read more

How to Prevent Roaches by Not Leaving Food in the Kitchen

Roaches can live up to 3 months without food. And it’s is necessary for their survival. Even a tiny breadcrumb will bring a roach out of hiding. And roaches have a wider selection of food than us humans. Even though they prefer meats, sweets and starches,  they can eat crazy things such as glue, paper and even book bindings! So since roaches are attracted so much to food, that’s why the kitchen is a big problem area. So if you want some advice on how to prevent roaches, you need to make sure you don’t leave food laying around the kitchen. ROACHES LOVE TRASH CANS Remember when Scrooge McDuck would swim in his pool of gold coins? Well, the trash is the same for roaches. This may sound obvious, but you have to line your trash can with trash bags. If you even have any food particles stuck to your trash can, you better believe that that those roaches will find it. If you have made dinner and throw out the trash and are too lazy to take the trash out… think again. If you go to sleep and have any kind of roach issues, those roaches will be in that trash. Just take the trash out so you can rest peacefully. COCKROACHES LOVE FOOD ON THE FLOOR You have to mop your floors consistently. I know for me, this is tough to do because if takes a lot of time to get the soap and then fill the bucket with water. What I ended up doing is just go buy a Swiffer. They are quick and you can... read more

Prevent Cockroaches by Caulking your Bathroom

I had roaches multiplying like crazy that were coming from the smallest cracks around my bathtub and the baseboards in the bathroom. You have to seal the cracks or else they WILL find a way in! Here is how to prevent cockroaches by caulking your bathroom. Definitely something you can tackle on your own. Remember, they love water and moisture. So the bathroom is a perfect place for them. Also, roaches can squeeze in the tiniest of crevices, they can squeeze in spaces 1/16 of an inch up to 3/8 of an inch! They actually enjoy the feeling of having to squeeze in small places. So you have to make sure you prevent them from coming into your home by blocking all of these passage ways. So one of the best things you can do is caulk your bathroom. And i’m talking about the inside of your tub or shower and also the bathroom floors. You don’t want water getting under your floors and behind the walls. Not only will this help get rid of roaches, but it will also protect your bathroom from mold. Caulking your bathroom does take some time. But it is an easy do-it-yourself project. MATERIALS NEEDED TO CAULK YOUR BATHROOM Caulk.You want one that is mildew and water resistant. I used this one. I liked it because you can actually squeeze out of the tube and not have to buy a caulking gun.  Sponge with Water.  Blade Metal or flat scraper Bleach or some other mildew killer Masking Tape   HOW TO CAULK THE BATHROOM: VIDEO INSTRUCTIONAL Here is a video that will show you... read more

Prevent Cockroaches by Fixing Water Leaks

Cockroaches love water. In fact they need it to survive. Did you know they can only go 1 week without water? This means eliminating water sources is really important in having a roach free home! A lot of homes have drippy faucets in the kitchen, bathtub shower heads, bathtub spouts and bathroom sinks. The average American household wastes 10,000 gallons of water in water leaks, which is about 270 loads of laundry! At first, you may just think it’s annoying and maybe even postpone fixing it. I get it, because I’ve been there. But you MUST fix these leaks. Especially if you have roaches. Aside from preventing roaches from coming back, once you fix your water leaks – you will save a whopping 10% of your water bill. There is a cool tool that will show you how much water you are wasting by entering the number of drips per minute. Click here to check it out. MY LEAKY BATHTUB I had a drip coming from my shower head and also my bathtub spout. I let this go on for several weeks, until my cockroach infestation began! I remember walking in there at night, and all these cockroaches were all over the tub! It was insane, there was like a cockroach pool party going on. I knew that if I wanted to completely eliminate those nasty roaches I had to fix these leaks. The drip of the shower head was pretty easy to fix. I had an old shower head and once these shower heads get old, it’s pretty common for them to start leaking. I ended up buying this... read more

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